The Do’s and Don’ts of Keeping Your CDL Valid

  • The Do’s and Don’ts of Keeping Your CDL Valid

    The Do’s and Don’ts of Keeping Your CDL Valid

    In many ways, your commercial driver’s license (CDL) is the backbone of your truck driving career. While there are several facets to the trucking profession and many aspects of the job that go beyond driving, without your CDL, you won’t be able to get your foot in the door of the trucking industry. And if you let your CDL expire, you lose the foothold you worked hard to secure. That’s why we at America Truck Driving School have put together the do’s and don’ts to make sure your CDL stays valid.

    CDL Life Span
    Your CDL remains valid for five years, after which you will need to go through the renewal process. However, ongoing “maintenance” is required during those five years to keep your CDL valid.

    Maintenance Do’s

    • Get a physical: For people in good health, physicals are typically required every two years. If you have any health conditions that might affect driving performance, you will likely be required to get a physical every six months.
    • Obey the law: Keeping a clean criminal record and driving record is crucial to maintaining your CDL. Any felonies, DUIs, or reckless driving can result in suspension or revoking of your CDL.

    Maintenance Don’ts

    • Drugs: Your truck can be a lethal weapon. Drugs impair your ability to handle that weapon, putting your life and others’ in danger. Throughout your truck driving career, you will be randomly drug tested and if you fail one test, you will lose your CDL.
    • Break rules and regulations: The trucking profession involves many rules, regulations, codes, etc. They exist for your safety and the safety of others, as well as to protect equipment and the financial investments of your employer. Ignore these rules at your peril. At best, you will only lose your job. At worst, you will lose your CDL.

    Wherever you are on the road to obtaining your CDL, it’s important to follow these listed guidelines. To learn more about how to start your career in truck driving, contact America Truck Driving School today. We offer quality training programs that will help you obtain and keep your commercial driver’s license!

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