The Benefits Of Being a Truck Driver



Take any interstate or highway, and you’re likely to pass more than a few 18-wheelers — many of them with out-of-state license plates. Truck drivers form the backbone of the American transportation industry and support the economy by delivering valuable goods to warehouses and retailers. There are many benefits to choosing a career as a truck driver. Here are a few. 

1. Travel across the country

Truck drivers can drive from California to Maine, and from Washington to Texas, enjoying scenic landscapes while transporting a loaded trailer. Truckers can be on the road from days to weeks at a time. In their free time, some drivers visit landmarks and other attractions. Over the years, they have many stories to share with friends and family of their adventures on the road.

2. Enjoy job security

Truck drivers are in high demand, with many companies offering signing bonuses and other perks to new hires. Whether you’re working for a local transportation company or a national chain, expect a friendly job landscape in which drivers can choose a position and company that meets their expectations.

3. Steady salary and benefits

As of September 2022, the average truck driver salary was $77,955, while more experienced drivers can earn nearly $90,000 in one year. Truckers can be paid per mile or per hour. 

Drivers that go across the country typically earn more than regional or local drivers. Depending on the company, truckers may also receive benefits, such as a 401k, health insurance, paid time off, tuition reimbursement, life insurance, and paid training.

4. Independence

Truck driving is one of a few professions that doesn’t have a supervisor or manager watching the employee’s every move. Truckers typically drive alone and are responsible for following regulations for safety, logging hours, and taking breaks. As long as they make deliveries on time, truckers may choose their own route, the type of truck they drive, and how many loads they take per trip.

5. Flexible schedule

Truckers typically create their own schedule and can choose to only work on weekdays so they can spend weekends with friends and family. Drivers can also work outside of the typical nine to five workday — whatever helps them get the job done.

6. Low education cost

Compared to college, truck driving school is significantly more affordable. Most drivers start working within a few weeks of earning their CDL and begin to pay off education expenses without worrying about debt. Truck driving school is around eight weeks and includes important behind-the-wheel training designed to help drivers pass their exam the first time around.

7. Choose from a variety of truck driving jobs

Truckers can drive different types of trucks that come with unique requirements. A few trucking options are dry van, tanker, auto/car hauling, reifer, flatbed, LTL, oilfield, local, and OTR (Over The Road).

8. Get Started!

America Truck Driving School will help students prepare for their CDL exam no matter what type of trucking job they’d like to pursue. Our experienced instructors know what it takes to pass the exam and succeed in the field. Contact us today to begin your training process!