Knowing the Signs of the Road: Why It Matters

  • Knowing the Signs of the Road: Why It Matters

    Knowing the Signs of the Road: Why It Matters

    It’s true. We live in a digital age. We’ve got all the world’s maps available at the swipe of our smartphone screens. A GPS can track our location and speed and can even display the current speed limit. Traffic updates? Covered. Weather and road condition warnings? Yup, those too, loading on your smartphone in nearly real time.

    With all this information ready, it almost seems like there’s no need to consider road signs. These days, your tech does a lot of your seeing for you anyway, right? Wrong. Besides it being required by law to know and understand these road signs, there are several other compelling reasons to learn their meanings and keep your eye on them while driving. Read on to learn why.

    Even Tech Can Fail
    Yes, our devices have gotten freakishly smart and surprisingly reliable. But there’s a dark underbelly to all the genuine benefits we receive from our tech. Service can go out. Cell phone coverage might not reach that out-of-the-way corner of North Dakota you find yourself in. Power grids can go down. Our devices keep getting better and more reliable, but nothing under the sun is perfect, and on that day when your tech fails, you’ll need a backup. That means you must pay attention to the signs around you and know exactly what they mean.

    Signs Make Sure You Never Get Lost
    Whether we’re talking about on- and off-ramp signs or onsite facility signs pointing out where to go for shipping and receiving, signs are designed to give you a helping hand and show you the way forward. In fact, with all the signs located on public and private roads and properties, it’s virtually impossible to truly become lost—assuming you know how to make use of them.

    Signs Warn Us of Potential Dangers
    While it’s conceivable that, one day, our devices will warn us of every pothole in the road before we strike them, of every low clearance before we try to pass through, or any other possible encounters drivers might have on the road, we aren’t there yet. The only way to ensure safe road handling of your rig is to read and understand all the road signs out there. Not only does this help protect your rig, it will help protect your own life and the lives of those you share the road with.

    When all is said and done, it’s important for every truck driver to keep a keen eye on all the facets of his surroundings, especially the road signs that have been placed there for assistance. And at America Truck Driving School, understanding these signs of the road is a key part of our curriculum. Contact us today to learn more about our programs and classes available!

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