How Truck Drivers Can Stay Safe in Stormy Weather

  • How Truck Drivers Can Stay Safe in Stormy Weather

    How Truck Drivers Can Stay Safe in Stormy Weather

    Fog, rain, sleet, and snow – no matter the weather condition, trucks are driving. At America Truck Driving School, we believe that safe driving practices are always essential, but especially when it involves driving in hazardous weather. Take a look at five ways you can keep from doing serious damage to others on the road during bad weather.

    1. Keep up with the weather reports.
    Eyeballing it is not enough. Check the weather on a regular basis so you know what might be waiting for you several miles down the road. In some instances, you’ll find that it’s better not to drive if there are road closures or expected whiteout conditions.

    2. Obey the law.
    While you should always follow posted speed limits, wear your seatbelt, and get enough sleep, obeying the law becomes even more important when driving in stormy conditions. Doing so can’t prevent all accidents, but it does prevent the reckless ones.

    3. Keep up with regular maintenance on your vehicle.
    As a truck driver, it is part of your job to keep a detailed maintenance schedule, including a daily checklist for regular checkups. A truck in proper working order will be more predictable on wet or icy roads. A truck that’s behind on its scheduled maintenance might have surprises that you don’t want to discover during stormy weather.

    4. Take appropriate measures.
    When it’s snowy or icy, use chains and add anti-gel to your fuel tank. When it’s windy, makes sure you’ve balanced the load you’re hauling, and keep from driving empty or light trailers in windy conditions.

    5. Use your best judgment.
    When making an honest assessment of the conditions, ask yourself if you feel safe. Do you feel confident in the drivability of the roads and in your own ability to drive them? If the answer is no, then keep from driving until you feel safe to do so.

    A truck driver’s job is important. Many businesses and individuals depend the job being done well and on time. However, your safety and the safety of other drivers on the road always takes precedence over deadlines. So, when driving through stormy weather, follow all safety protocol, and follow your best judgment.

    To learn more about truck driving safety or to sign up for one of our courses, contact America Truck Driving School today!

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