How to Choose the Right Truck Driving School for You

  • How to Choose the Right Truck Driving School for You

    How to Choose the Right Truck Driving School for You

    Are you thinking about a career in truck driving, but aren’t sure which training school is right for you? Before signing up anywhere, it is important to research your options and think about the pros and cons of each school you’re thinking about attending. Not sure how to get started? We have compiled a list of questions to ask yourself to ensure that you make the right decision for you and your future.

    What to Look For:

    1. Is the school close?
      This one seems obvious enough, but it’s important to remember that commuting long distances for school eats away at your time, money, and your patience for the goal you’re trying to achieve.Fortunately, America Truck Driving School has four locations, including sites in Riverside, Los Angeles, San Diego and Orange County. No matter where you are in Southern California, there’s an America Truck Driving School nearby to help jumpstart your truck driving career!
    2. Does it offer enough drive time?
      While 32 hours of drive time is the legally mandated minimum, many schools offer more, and for good reason. More time spent behind the wheel with an instructor means more experience and better preparation for the rigors of the job.
    3. What is the quality of instruction?
      Effective and experienced instructors can make the difference between money wasted and money well spent. Investigate the instructors’ experiences in the industry.At America Truck Driving School, we hire instructors that are not only experienced in driving but also have the ability to teach their knowledge in a way that makes sense for their students.
    4. Does the school help you find a job?
      Many schools help graduating students find jobs, so make sure that the school you choose provides help. If you decide to go with America Truck Driving School, rest assured that our faculty will do what we can to assist you in the job-hunting process.
    5. Does the school offer flexible training schedules?
      The school you choose should understand that as a student, attending class is not the only thing you’re juggling. That’s why we at America Truck Driving School offer a variety of program options designed to suit the needs of all our students. Very few, if any, other schools offer one-on-one training and allow students to plan their own schedules. Available to students for training 7 days a week from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., our flexibility is unrivaled in the industry.

    Why ATDS?

    Unique among the other truck driving schools available, America Truck Driving School is a family-run business. Because of this, we take a personal interest in every aspect of the business, including each student’s education and success. As such, we are available to our students, whether to answer their questions or to field any complaints.

    We know students have a range of options when it comes to truck driving schools. We focus on ensuring positive experiences for all of our students while they obtain their commercial licenses.  To sign up for one of our programs, give us a call today.

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