How to Choose the Best Truck Stop

  • How to Choose the Best Truck Stop

    How to Choose the Best Truck Stop

    For the long-haul truck driver, spending days and weeks away from home is part of the job. Because you might be away from certain comforts that are found at home, the truck stops that drivers choose to visit become very important. Even though they can never replace the comforts of your house, the best truck stops offer services and conveniences that help hold drivers over until their next trip to home base.

    So how do you decide which truck stops are the best and worth your time? We at America Truck Driving School have put together a list of tips to help you choose where your next stop will be.

    1. Stick with major chains.
      While we have nothing against independently owned truck stops, the major chains tend to be able to offer more services for truck drivers. When you stop at a major chain truck stop, you know you’ll find reasonably priced gas, hot food, cold drinks, clean bathrooms and many of the other conveniences the best truck stops offer.
    2. Consider which extra services you want or need.
      Gas and food are a given at all truck stops, but often truck drivers might be looking for more. Do you have laundry to do? Research ahead of time to find out which truck stops have washing machines and dryers. Want to relax in a lounge area and watch TV for a bit? Or maybe you need a shower? These types of services can be found at certain truck stops. If you think ahead, you can plan out your stops based upon which services you’ll need on which days. Some locations even offer dental or medical exams, DOT certification and more.
    3. Think about the parking lot setup.
      It’s no secret that parking is a big deal for truck drivers. A quality truck stop will have a big enough parking lot that caters to truck drivers specifically. Also, it’s a good idea to scout out truck stops that have wider spaces and are in a well-lit area.

    No two truck drivers are the same. What one needs another might not. Thankfully, truck stops now offer a variety of perks and services to meet every truck driver’s requirements. So, before your next long-haul trip, put in the time and research which truck stops on your route will best meet your needs.

    For more tips or to learn about our available truck driving programs, contact America Truck Driving School today!

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