Common FAQs

  • Common FAQs

    We always get common questions about our classes here at America Truck Driving School, so we thought we’d share a few…
    1.  How much is the course?  We have advanced courses starting at $650 and complete courses starting at $1295
    2.  How long is the course?  Depending on which course, it could be as little as 1 week, all the way to 6 weeks.
    3.  Do we have job placement?  Yes, their are currently open positions for some of the top trucking companies.
    4.  How much do new driver’s make?  This can vary, but on average about $750 per week starting.
    5.  Are we open evenings and weekends for training?  Yes, we are open 7 days a week from 6a to 6p for training.
    6.  Can the course be taken part time?  Yes, I have students who take classes as little as 1 day a week.
    7.  Is the training in groups or individual?  All our training is one on one, and not in groups.
    8.  Is the equipment available for use for the DMV testing?  Yes, and depending on the course, sometimes unlimited uses.
    9.  Do you offer financing or payment plans?  We allow students to pay as they go.
    10. Is their any grants or financial aid available?  All grants and financial aid is on a case by case basis.  The best place to contact for more information would be the local one-stop center.  Students can contact the school to help them find their nearest one-stop location.

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