Clean Energy Unveils Backbone Network For Natural Gas Highway

  • Clean Energy Unveils Backbone Network For Natural Gas Highway

    Clean Energy Fuels Corp. unveiled the route plan for the first phase of 150 new LNG fueling stations along what it’s calling “America’s Natural Gas Highway.” The company already has identified 98 locations and anticipates having 70 stations open by the end of 2012.

    Due to an agreement with Pilot Flying J, many of the fueling stations will be co-located at Pilot travel centers.

    Major highway segments planned for early opening include those linking:

    * San Diego, Los Angeles, Riverside and Las Vegas;

    * the Texas Triangle (Houston, San Antonio, Dallas/Ft. Worth);

    * Los Angeles and Dallas;

    * Houston and Chicago;

    * Chicago and Atlanta;

    and a network of stations along major highways in the Midwest (Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, Kansas, Oklahoma and Alabama) to serve the area’s heavy trucking traffic.

    The 150 stations are scheduled to coincide with the expected arrival of new natural gas truck engines for heavy-duty, over-the-road trucking.

    “We are moving quickly to build this important network in order to support the new trucks,” says Andrew J. Littlefair, president and CEO. “Already, Clean Energy has engaged over 100 shippers, private fleets and for-hire carriers that have shared their operations to qualify the economic opportunity of operating natural gas trucks, which has helped us, in turn, plan the first phase of the natural gas fueling highway.

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