7 Spring Cleaning Tips For Truck Drivers

  • 7 Spring Cleaning Tips For Truck Drivers

    7 Spring Cleaning Tips For Truck Drivers

    If you’ve been putting off basic cleaning for the past few months, then don’t skip out on the spring cleaning tradition and get your truck back into tip-top condition. Here are seven simple steps to clean your truck this spring.

    1.Wash and wax the exterior.

    Your truck endured severe weather over the past few months and desperately needs a thorough wash to remove dirt and grime from the exterior and the undercarriage. Waxing will help protect the truck against strong, color-fading UV rays that come out in full force during the spring and summer months.

    2. Organize and disinfect the interior.

    You get in and out of your truck multiple times a day and don’t pay much attention to the dirt, sand and grass that you bring inside every time. In addition, dust and other pollutants accumulate on surfaces throughout the truck. Take your time cleaning out cup holders and wiping down the steering wheel and all handles.

    If you’ve got a bad odor that seems to linger, sprinkle a small bag of coffee on a surface in your truck, let it sit for 20 to 30 minutes and sweep up the coffee grounds. Coffee is a powerful odor killer!

    3. Treat seat stains.

    Scrub seats with warm, soapy water to remove stains. For tougher stains, use an upholstery cleaner and be sure to follow instructions for doing a spot-test. Be sure to leave the doors wide open to help air out the cleaning product smell.

    4. Wipe down the headliner, dashboard and floor.

    Use soapy water or a gentle interior cleaner to clean the headliner, dashboard and floor inside your truck. Avoid polish products as they can cause a glare on the dashboard or make the floor slippery.

    5. Vacuum and wash the floor mats.

    Once you’ve vacuumed the floor mats and gotten rid of visible trash and dirt, use a scrub brush and soap to do a deep clean. Rinse them off and leave them out to dry once you’ve given them a good scrub.

    6. Replace the cabin filter.

    The cabin filter helps keep your air clean and free from harmful pollutants and contaminants. Follow the truck’s owner manual for replacing the filter.

    7. Wash the curtains.

    The curtains collect dust, bacteria and smells floating in the air. Be sure to check cleaning instructions for the curtains before washing and drying them.

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