3 Things to Know About Commercial Truck Mirrors

  • 3 Things to Know About Commercial Truck Mirrors

    3 Things to Know About Commercial Truck Mirrors

    We’ve all seen the sticker on the back of a big rig: “If you can’t see my mirrors, I can’t see you.” We’ve probably seen it more times than we can count, and for good reason. Mirrors on trucks are the extra set of eyes truck drivers need to keep themselves and the other drivers on the road safe.

    Driving the biggest, most powerful—and therefore most potentially destructive—vehicle on the road brings with it an immense responsibility. At America Truck Driving School, we teach safety as being every truck driver’s first and most crucial responsibility, which is why truck drivers must take great care in choosing and maintaining their mirrors. Here are three things to know about choosing mirrors for your commercial truck.

    1. Choosing Replacement Mirrors
      The mirrors that come factory standard with your rig should be all you need. However, mirrors can break for any reason, and when they do, the choice of a replacement will be up to you. The precise dimensions of the mirror and the specific curve of the glass are factors designed for the unique needs of truckers. If you can’t obtain an exact replacement from the manufacturer, there are typically aftermarket models available by the manufacturer.
    2. Go with a Mirror Heater
      While this might not be essential in exclusively warm climates, most long-haul truckers find themselves traversing different regions of the country and experiencing the drastic weather shifts this brings. If you drive in any part of the country where frost, snow, or ice are possible, heated mirrors are a great investment. They help prevent the risk of driving with anything other than a clear mirror, especially in already dangerous conditions like snow and ice.
    3. Consider Additional Mirrors
      Rather than only relying on the manufacturer-installed mirrors, you can install additional mirrors inside the cab of your truck. Place them strategically to eliminate as many blind spots as you can. Traveling with a spare set of mirrors and the tools required to install them ensures you will never have to drive without them—even if something happens to your mirrors when you’re driving through the middle of nowhere.

    Seeing is everything for a truck driver, so having the right mirrors on will keep you and other drivers on the road safe. To learn more about staying safe on the road, or to register for one of our programs, contact America Truck Driving School today!

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