10 Apps Every Truck Driver Should Know

  • 10 Apps Every Truck Driver Should Know

    10 Apps Every Truck Driver Should Know

    Smartphones have really revolutionized the way we all stay connected. These devices can also help make your life easier as a truck driver. That is why America Truck Driving School has compiled this list of the 10 apps that every truck driver should know about.

    1. Park My Truck
    The National Association of Truck Stop Operators have set up this app to show you available nearby parking locations (within 50-250 miles of your current location).

    2. Road Breakers
    This app enables you to access phone data even when you are in a dead service zone. It can also help you find parking locations and general information about them.

    3. GasBuddy
    A community of users contributes to this helpful app. It will show you the nearest fuel locations and up-to-date prices. These great features will help you save a little extra money on gas while on the road.

    4. TruckBubba
    This is a great map-based app that can help you route your trip, get current traffic conditions, and find parking locations, fuel stops and weigh stations.

    5. Co-Pilot Live Truck
    This is a handy voice-guided GPS navigation app that will help provide safe routes based on your vehicle’s size, weight and load type.

    6. FleetSafer Mobile
    Safety is important on the road. This app allows you to block texts and emails while you are driving and provides an automated response to let others know you are driving.

    7. Trucker Path
    This is a crowdsourced app using information from fellow users. It shows information on truck stops, rest areas and other locations you should know about while on the road.

    8. DAT Trucker
    This app includes DAT’s load board functionality, as well as parking information and other location services.

    9. Skype
    Life on the road can get lonely, so use Skype to have video chats with family and friends back home. Of course, use it while you are parked and not while driving!

    10. Trucker Tools
    This is a free app that provides shopping information such as gas prices and truck stop amenities. It also gives you access to coupons from thousands of truck stops throughout the country.

    This is just a short list of some apps you can use to make your life easier as a truck driver. For more truck driving safety and efficiency ideas, as well as the upcoming course calendar, contact America Truck Driving School.

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