Why Choose America Truck Driving School

  • Why Choose America Truck Driving School

    Why Choose America Truck Driving School

    Whether you’re making a career change or just thinking about your options, trucking is a stable and reliable industry that allows drivers to work at their own pace, taking on as much work as they’d like — within government regulations. But to become a trucker, obtaining a commercial driver’s license (CDL) is the first step. For this, students must enroll in a truck driving school that offers classroom instruction and behind-the-wheel training.

    A quick search for a truck driving school will bring up many options, but few are suitable for busy professionals.

    What sets America Truck Driving School apart from almost all other schools is our flexible training schedule. Most truck driving schools only offer a full time option for training, in which the students are required to attend five days a week (Monday through Friday), eight hours a day, for four weeks, completing a total of 160 hours of training. This is efficient for the school, but difficult on students who have busy schedules.

    What those schools fail to disclose is that the first two weeks typically entail classroom training and that the remaining two weeks of  behind the wheel training is provided in a group setting. Classrooms can have anywhere from a four to one student to equipment ratio, and sometimes as high as an eight to one student to equipment ratio. In total, a typical student can receive as little as 10 to 20 hours of actual behind-the-wheel training in a 160-hour course.   

    Conversely, America Truck Driving School gives students the option to create a custom training schedule that works with their availability. We are open from seven am to six pm Monday through Saturday and schedule anywhere from two to four hour individual training sessions. 

    Students are able to complete their program as quickly as they’d like. Or, they can take their time. Our most basic course provides 36 hours of behind-the-wheel training on a one-to-one student to equipment ratio. This is nearly double what most reputable competitors offer — and at a lower cost. We encourage anyone interested in obtaining their CDL to compare these details and call us with any questions.

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