Why Adults Over 50 Are Choosing Trucking

  • Why Adults Over 50 Are Choosing Trucking

    Why Adults Over 50 Are Choosing Trucking

    The national trucker shortage has made headlines — and truckers over 50 have noticed. A growing wave of adults over 50 are pursuing trucking, for numerous reasons.

    1. Reliable Source of Income

    Trucking is the backbone of commerce in the United States. In other words, the occupation isn’t going anywhere no matter how fast technology advances. Older truckers may have enjoyed a career in teaching, the military, or other fields before making the career change. They know trucking offers a stable source of income that they can count on to pay the bills for themselves and their loved ones.

    2. Sense of Freedom

    After a few decades spent working nine to five jobs, many older adults seek a career change that will give them a renewed sense of freedom. Driving behind the wheel with no manager or supervisor overseeing their every move is the only reason they need to pursue a career in trucking. 

    3. Right Timing

    Many older truckers have experienced difficult life circumstances that have caused them to reconsider their current career goals. Recent widows, veterans, and homemakers see trucking as a great opportunity to take control of their future and pursue a career that will make them happy.

    4. Sightseeing

    Older adults who didn’t get to travel as much as they wanted to in their younger years often choose trucking to see different parts of the country. Truckers will also see all sorts of wildlife, from deer and bears, to elk and moose. 

    5. Driver Shortage

    Trucking companies across the country are searching for reliable and experienced drivers. Older adults have more experience behind the wheel than younger drivers, and have what it takes to drive for a living.

    6. Financial Goals

    Older adults may choose trucking to build up their savings or reach a financial goal. Trucking is a reliable career that could help drivers retire comfortably.

    7. They’ve counted the cost

    The truth is, not everyone’s cut out to be a truck driver. Spending days or weeks away from home can be difficult for those with families. But older adults who may have lost their spouse or recently divorced may welcome the solitude offered by trucking. For them, truck driving is worth it.

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