Trucking Trends in 2022

  • Trucking Trends in 2022

    Trucking Trends in 2022

    Trucking, like any other industry, is experiencing changes and shifts sure to impact its future. Truckers and those considering a career in trucking should be aware of the trends shaping the industry in 2022 and beyond.

    1. Improved Technology

    Corporate trucking offices are using software programs to streamline operations and increase productivity. In addition, trucks are being equipped with more advanced technology to improve vehicle functionality and order tracking. These features are not only helping trucking companies better manage their deliveries, but also keeping the customer informed every step of the way.

    2. Shifting Production Locations

    Trucking companies, along with the rest of the transportation and freight industry, are re-evaluating production locations to better meet demand. For example, dry vans are being shifted to Texas, Illinois, and Ohio, while reefers are being moved to California and Illinois. Texas and Pennsylvania are becoming top destinations for flatbed vehicles.

    3. E-commerce Boom

    Retailers are continuing to grow and adjust their operations to meet the demands of online customers. Truckers are the backbone of the transportation industry, and without them, goods would not make it from manufacturers to distributors. The ecommerce industry is expected to continue growing in 2022, as the shift in consumer purchasing habits continues to drive improvements in the e-commerce industry.

    4. Urbanization

    The boom in construction and urbanization has seen many rural areas converted into thriving urban communities. This has made it easier for trucking companies to reach certain areas of the country, widening their geographical reach and growing their customer base.

    More consumers now have easy access to urban cities and online shopping, making it possible for trucking companies to drive up business and increasing demand for drivers.

    5. Data Analytics

    Data analytics powers the modern digital world. Trucking companies are realizing the benefits of incorporating data analytics into their operations. Companies today have detailed insight into the status of their fleet and the location of each truck across the country. This is allowing companies to improve efficiency and make better decisions on a daily basis.

    Truckers today are working in an industry with high growth potential and access to a wide range of opportunities. For those considering the industry, now is a great time to make a career change and pursue a CDL. 

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