Truck Driving School: Myth vs. Facts

  • Truck Driving School: Myth vs. Facts

    Truck Driving School: Myth vs. Facts

    If you are looking to pursue a career as a commercial truck driver, then truck driving school will help you get there. The primary purpose of a truck driving school is to train drivers on the rules of the road and get them ready to pass their commercial driver’s license test (CDL).

    In this article, we’re debunking some myths that are out there about truck driving schools and becoming a truck driver.

    Myth: I Can Learn What I Need to On My Own

    Earning a CDL is not an easy task in most states. A truck driving school is specially designed to help you pass the CDL test in your state. This includes the written portion, road safety training, large truck maneuvering and practical driver training that will prepare you for anything the test throws at you. If you do fail your first attempt at the CDL test, you can receive additional training to address your weak spots and make sure you pass it the next time around.

    Myth: Truck Driving Schools Are Only for Long-Haul Truckers

    Any commercial driver—no matter what type of route they drive or what type of truck, bus or delivery vehicle they drive—will benefit greatly from the training provided by a certified truck driving school. There are special programs for dispatchers or teachers for those people who aren’t interested in actually driving. If you foresee a future in commercial driving, truck driving school is a great option.

    Myth: The Support Ends After Your CDL is Earned

    With most truck driving schools—and especially at America Truck Driving School—this couldn’t be further from the truth. The training goes well beyond just preparing for the CDL test. America Truck Driving School has connections with many of the country’s top trucking companies. They can help with job placement and recruitment programs that will match motivated truckers with excellent employers.

    Myth: It Costs Too Much for Truck Driving School

    America Truck Driving School offers financial aid programs if needed and some trucking companies will even pay for (or reimburse after hiring) truckers to complete school training as they work to earn their CDLs. Overall, the costs are less than you think and the long-term benefits are worth it. These will include an assurance of passing the CDL test and help with employment placement that you would otherwise be left on your own to find.

    Finding the Right Truck Driving School

    American Truck Driving School offers various programs to successfully prepare students to pass their CDL test and get their Class A license. For more information about America Truck Driving School and how we can help you get the most out of your trucking career, contact us today.

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