Truck Driving and the Holidays

  • Truck Driving and the Holidays

    Truck Driving and the Holidays

    It’s no secret that truck drivers work long hours, oftentimes spending days or even weeks on the road. Though not for everyone, this lifestyle often brings financial freedom for truckers and their families. However, spending weeks at a time on the road—especially during the holidays—can be rough for these long-haul drivers and their loved ones. With warehouses and stores having huge holiday deals this time of year, truck drivers are needed now more than ever to help fulfill those orders. This means that many of them will spend the holidays on the road, away from family and friends.

    But just because they are on the road doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy some holiday fun! America Truck Driving School is happy to share 4 ways to celebrate the holiday season from the road:

    1. First and foremost, stay safe. During this time of year, the weather can definitely be frigid and cold. Getting caught in a snowstorm, stranded on an icy road, or stuck outside in freezing temperatures is dangerous and can risk your own life. Your family wants you to come home safe and sound, so be sure to have your safety pack fully stocked at all times—and keep it in your cab!
    2. Technology is amazing—take advantage of it! Set up a Skype or FaceTime date with your loved ones, preferably during a holiday meal, to read a story to your kids, or to feel part of another holiday tradition that your family holds dear.
    3. Find others who are also alone. Truckers are oftentimes alone on the holidays, but they are not the only ones. Find somewhere to volunteer or connect with others who are also away from their families for the holidays. Across the country, there are people who go without food and shelter—oftentimes in very cold climates—and they would love to spend the holidays with someone else.
    4. Think outside the box. The calendar date box, that is. Create a new family tradition by celebrating Christmas, Hanukah, or whichever winter holiday you celebrate a few days early or late. Spending the holidays with family and friends is what makes it special, no matter when you celebrate.

    While working during the holidays can be difficult, there are plenty advantages attached to becoming a truck driver. If you or someone you know is interested in earning a truck driving license, call American Truck Driving School today! We offer every combination of license possible and have 4 locations throughout Southern California.

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