Top 3 ELDs Used By Trucking Companies

  • Top 3 ELDs Used By Trucking Companies

    Top 3 ELDs Used By Trucking Companies

    Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) have revolutionized the fleet management industry, providing accurate and real-time data to enhance efficiency and compliance. Three prominent ELDs that have gained popularity among fleet managers are Samsara, Matrack ELD, and GPS Insight Hours of Service. Below is a breakdown of the pros, cons, and features of the top three ELDs.

    1. Samsara

    Samsara’s key benefit is its combination of features and support. The ELD has a minimum 3-year contract length with custom pricing. Samsara is the best option for fleet managers looking for complete fleet management service with a wide range of ELD features.

    Samsara hardware warranties last up to five years and companies don’t need to purchase a full fleet management system (FMS) to buy the ELD-compliance hardware/software package. 

    Though the ELD has an easy learning curve and excellent 24/7 support, its frequent software updates can be difficult to keep up with.

    2. Matrack ELD

    Matrack ELD offers budget-friendly pricing and an audit trail. Contracts are offered on a monthly rolling basis for $19.95 per month, but the Premium Plan is $25.95 per month.

    Matrack’s ELD device is designed to be plugged into an OBD-II port, rather than hardwired, making them easy to install. On the downside, the support team isn’t available 24/7, but only during regular work hours.

    A few features offered by Matrack include individual driver reports, digital hours of service (HOS) logs, compliance breach alerts, IFTA tracking, an employee timeclock, and Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting (DVIR).

    3. GPS Insight Hours of Service

    This ELD offers simple location tracking and a wide variety of alerts. GPS Insight Hours of Service is priced $14.95 per month and contract length varies according to customer preference.

    The ELD provides both audible and visual alerts to keep drivers aware of their remaining hours and use their time wisely. The system also offers alerts for maintenance, such as management, vehicle health safety, and assets.

    GPS Insight Hours of Service offers digital HOS logs, DVIR reports, compliance breach reports, two-way messaging, and 24/7 support. Both plug-in and hardwired units are available. This ELD has the highest support score of the three services mentioned above.

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