Tips For Acing Your Truck Driving Interview

  • Tips For Acing Your Truck Driving Interview

    Tips For Acing Your Truck Driving Interview

    Whether you’ve got years of experience under your belt, or you’re just starting out in the trucking industry, here are a few tips to ace your next truck driving interview.

    1. Research unexpected trucking scenarios

    Interviewers often ask scenario questions to gauge a trucker’s ability to think on their feet and make smart decisions. Here are a few scenarios they might bring up:

    • If you were running late on a delivery due to a traffic jam or mistake in your route, what would you do to get there on time?
    • If your truck needed an urgent fix on the road, what kinds of repairs are you able to make yourself?
    • Know how to describe your truck driving record

    Experienced drivers will have a mix of positive and negative driving records. During an interview, you’ll need to highlight your positive driving records and explain how you learned or grew from your difficult driving experiences. Be sure to maintain a confident and positive attitude when discussing your trucking experience.

    2. Research the trucking company

    Before heading in for the interview, carefully research the trucking company. Find out about their history, specialization or niche, and expectations for drivers. You will need to demonstrate to the interviewer that you have carefully considered the company and know what to expect in a trucking role with the company.

    3. Prepare to answer common interview questions

    Though some interview questions will be standard, or generic, others will be specific to the trucking industry. You need to be prepared to answer both types of questions. A few questions they might ask you:

    • How would you describe yourself?
    • How do you deal with work-related stress?
    • Tell me about your professional driving experience.
    • Have you been in any accidents?
    • What makes you a good fit for this role?
    • What brought you into the trucking industry?

    4. Ask the right questions

    And finally, the interviewer will expect you to ask them a few questions. Here are a few things you should ask:

    • What is your home time policy for drivers?
    • Does the company cover commercial truck insurance?
    • What is the company’s fueling policy?
    • Are drivers paid on an hourly basis or per mile?
    • Are drivers required to load and unload cargo?
    • How is driver performance measured?

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