The Benefits of Becoming an Owner Operator Truck Driver

  • The Benefits of Becoming an Owner Operator Truck Driver

    The Benefits of Becoming an Owner Operator Truck Driver

    For truckers who want the freedom of being self-employed, becoming an owner operator could be the right move. Though there is an additional responsibility for being an owner operator, the benefits are well-worth it.

    1. Independence

    As an owner-operator, you’ll have the freedom to make your own decisions on what loads to haul, which clients to work with, and how much work to take on. Choosing your own clients and setting your own schedule could help relieve stress and give you the ability to take time off whenever you’d like.

    2. Flexibility

    When you’re an owner operator, you can create a work schedule that accommodates personal responsibilities and family needs. It will be entirely up to you how to manage your time and run your business. If you have the business savvy to be self-employed, becoming an owner-operator could be a great opportunity.

    3. Profitability

    When you’re an owner-operator, you pocket all of the revenue. You’ll own a truck, negotiate deals, deliver goods, and oversee every part of your trucking business. You’ll have more responsibility, but that also means higher profit.

    4. Tax and wage benefits

    As a business owner, you’ll be eligible for many tax deductions not available to employees. You’ll earn as much as you need and set your own salary. As an owner-operator, you have the potential to make significantly more than a company driver.

    5. Freedom to choose employees, clients, and co-workers

    For many business owners, one of the factors that drove them to start their own business is the ability to hire their own employees and select only the clients they want to work with. In the beginning you may need to take whatever work you can get, but as you gain experience and build your business, you’ll have more freedom to be selective. If you want to hire employees, you’ll look for people who hold the same values and work ethic as you do. Together, you’ll build the business of your dreams and reach success.

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