The 7 Best Christmas Gifts For Truck Drivers

  • The 7 Best Christmas Gifts For Truck Drivers

    The 7 Best Christmas Gifts For Truck Drivers

    If you’ve got a trucker friend or loved one in your life, here are a few Christmas gift ideas to add to your shopping list this holiday season.

    1. Trucker dash cam

    A dash cam is a great way for truckers to record their journey, whether locally or cross-country. In case of an accident (and they do happen, unfortunately), a dash cam will record a trucker’s actions on the road and support their case. A high-quality dash cam should have a good resolution, be easy to mount, and come with built-in Wi-Fi.

    1. Rechargeable LED lantern

    An LED lantern is just what every trucker needs when they’re inspecting their truck at night or in dangerous weather conditions. The lantern can also serve as a portable power bank for mobile devices or smartphones in case of an emergency. Look for a water-resistant lantern that offers lighting for at least 1,000 feet.

    1. 12V electric heated blanket

    Drivers delivering loads across the country during the winter months will drive through regions with a wide range of weather conditions. A heated blanket will help keep the driver warm while they’re driving, sleeping, or taking a break.

    1. Portable refrigerator

    Every long-distance truck driver needs a portable refrigerator. A good quality refrigerator will preserve food and drinks for cross-country drives and ensure they’re eating healthy homemade food instead of truck stop junk food.

    1. Cargo trunk organizer

    A collapsible trunk organizer will help drivers keep their tools and personal belongings organized and easily accessible. Choose one with a variety of small and large compartments.

    1. Personal food warmer

    A personal food warmer is a great alternative to microwaves. Truckers can use it to reheat leftovers and even cook raw foods as they’re driving. No need to adjust the temperature manually — the personal food warmer will heat up all kinds of food.

    1. Seat cushion

    Truckers spend countless hours sitting behind the wheel in the same seat. They deserve a comfortable seat cushion that conforms to the driver’s natural curves and provides sufficient support throughout the trip.

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