Questions Every Trucker Should Ask When Job Hunting

  • Questions Every Trucker Should Ask When Job Hunting

    Questions Every Trucker Should Ask When Job Hunting

    Trucking is a lucrative industry in 2022, with many companies looking for qualified candidates to transport loads on a local, regional, and long distance basis. Though there are currently many great job opportunities for truckers, it may take some time to find the right one. Every trucker searching for a job that fits their salary and lifestyle expectations should ask the following questions during their job interview.

    Driving Routes

    • Which routes do your drivers commonly take?
    • How many miles can I expect to drive per month, on average?
    • How many miles away from home will I be expected to travel?

    Load And Truck Details

    • Do drivers ever have to unload?
    • What are the deadline policies for delivering goods?
    • In case of a missed delivery deadline, how will the company discipline the driver?
    • What is the company’s policy for missing deadlines caused by unforeseen circumstances (i.e., truck breakdowns, bad weather, traffic accidents, etc.)?
    • What kind of equipment do drivers need to start working?
    • Will my truck have an air-ride suspension system?
    • Will my truck have a sleep-in area?
    • How many tons will my assigned truck weigh?

    Salary & Benefits

    • How often can drivers receive a raise?
    • What is a driver’s top earning potential in this position?
    • What is the promotion potential for this job?
    • What kinds of benefits does the company offer?
    • Do you offer your drivers full health insurance benefits?
    • Do you provide healthcare coverage for drivers’ families?
    • Do you offer short-term disability coverage?
    • Do you offer retirement benefits?
    • Do you provide drivers with opportunities to earn bonuses?
    • Do you offer new driver sign-on bonuses?

    Time Off / Vacation

    • What is your company’s home-time policy?
    • How much time off can I expect to receive through the company’s home-time policy?
    • Will my days off vary or be consistent?
    • What is your policy for drivers who need extra time off (i.e., medical needs, injuries that occur outside of work, illness, family emergencies, etc.)?
    • Does the company offer paid vacation?
    • Do drivers earn more vacation time the longer they stay with the company?
    • Are there restrictions on when I can use my vacation time?
    • Do vacation days expire annually or can they be carried over into the next year?
    • How many vacation days can I accumulate before I must use them?

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