Practicing Safe Driving During the Holidays

  • Practicing Safe Driving During the Holidays


    According to AAA, about 43.6 million Americans will travel during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. As gas prices drop, more people are choosing a car as their preferred method of transportation in order to avoid the costs associated with flying. With so many opting to drive, the roads will be bustling with holiday traffic.

    Safe driving practices can go a long way in helping you get to where you need to be. Check out our top 12 tips for staying safe while traveling during the Thanksgiving holiday.

    1. Buckle Up. Always wear a seat belt while operating any vehicle.

    2. Give yourself time. Leave early to avoid peak travel times and be mindful of congestion or delays by checking traffic reports.

    3. Know your route. Familiarize yourself with the route you will travel. Bring accurate directions and avoid back roads you haven’t taken before.

    4. Make sure your truck is ready for long distance travel. Perform proper maintenance and ensure any problems are repaired before you roll out.

    5. Be weather-conscious and prepare for unfavorable circumstances as far in advance as you can. Remember rain, snow and other conditions can create potential hazards. Don’t try to outsmart Mother Nature bydriving recklessly. She will win.

    6. Travel a safe distance behind other drivers. Increase your following distance as warranted.

    7. Drive the posted speed limit. Impatient drivers can go around you.

    8. Anticipate the actions of other drivers on the road. Watch out for unsafe or aggressive drivers and steer clear of them.

    9. Pay attention to the road at all times. Distracted driving is as safe as drunk driving.

    10. Don’t drink and drive. Think and stay alive. Drinking violations jump 62% on Thanksgiving, second only to New Year’s.

    11. Practice patience and caution—squash road rage. Getting mad doesn’t get you any closer to your destination.

    12. Stay in your lane. Unsafe lane changes and merges are major causes of accidents. Constantly switching lanes is dangerous, change only when necessary.

    Holler Back: Is there something you’d like to add to this list? Share your tips for driving safely during the busy holiday season in our comments section.

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