Non-Trucking Jobs You Can Get with Your CDL

  • Non-Trucking Jobs You Can Get with Your CDL

    Non-Trucking Jobs You Can Get with Your CDL

    For anyone interested in becoming a truck driver, having a commercial driver’s license (CDL) is a must. At America Truck Driving School, we prepare all of our students with everything you need to know to acquire your own CDL. But did you know that your commercial driver’s license can open you to a world of other job opportunities aside from truck driving?

    Here are just a few possible non-trucking jobs you can get with your CDL:

    1. Delivery Driver
      While this position doesn’t seem to differ much from a truck driver, it does typically involve less behind-the-wheel time. It can also be a perfect job for drivers who can’t be away from home or family for the extended times required for long-haul drivers.


    1. Bus Driver
      School bus, city bus, tour bus: all three offer stable jobs with predictable hours. If truck driving isn’t an option, bus driving might be just the thing.


    1. Engineering Equipment Operator
      For this position, workers operate several different heavy machines like pump trucks or trash compactors. Engineering equipment operators typically work on construction sites to help get the land ready to be built on.


    1. Construction Equipment Operator
      It’s every child’s dream come true: dump trucks, front loaders, skid steers, cranes, and more. If it roams around a construction site, you’ll need a CDL to drive it.


    1. Highway Maintenance Technician
      Highway construction requires many of the same vehicles other construction sites use: dump trucks, concrete trucks, and so on. Just like a construction equipment operator, highway maintenance technicians require a CDL.


    A commercial driver’s license offers a range of career choices that will keep you employed and satisfied with the work you’re doing. Whether you enjoy the typical long-haul truck driving or prefer to be a construction equipment operator, your CDL offers flexibility in your career path. Get started on receiving your CDL and contact America Truck Driving School today to sign up for one of our programs. Our expert instructors will help get your career started on the right foot!

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