Long-Haul Trucking 101

  • Long-Haul Trucking 101

    Long-Haul Trucking 101

    Truck drivers who travel across state lines are typically referred to as long-haul truckers. They can be away for weeks at a time, driving across the country on freeways or interstates. Here’s what most truckers experience when doing long-haul deliveries.

    What is Long-Haul Trucking?

    Long-distance trucking generally refers to transportation covering distances more than 250 miles. However, most long-haul truckers drive significantly more, logging 1,000 miles or more as they cross state — and even national — borders. 

    To excel in long-haul trucking, drivers need to be flexible and expect the unexpected, such as unfavorable weather conditions, traffic, and even truck breakdowns. They’ll need to navigate in unfamiliar territory and communicate with shippers, receivers, and dispatchers. Long-haul trucking appeals to drivers with a sense of adventure and a desire to experience the open road.

    Long-Haul vs. Short-Haul Trucking

    Short-haul truckers drive locally or regionally and are home most nights. They might even have a set schedule. They mostly drive on city streets and can deliver multiple loads in one day. Short-haul trucking may appeal to drivers with families who would like to be home more often.

    What to Expect During Long-Haul Trucking

    Long-haul trucking involves being on the road for long periods of time and sleeping in the truck. Drivers will need to bring food, clothing, and other personal items with them every time they leave home. They should also expect to navigate different types of road conditions, from rain, snow, and steep curves.

    Long-haul truckers also need to know how to maintain their truck and conduct a pre-trip inspection. They will need to follow laws and guidelines for tracking their time and taking breaks at the right times. There are national laws in place governing how many hours drivers can work behind the wheel until they need to take time off.

    Benefits of Long-Haul Trucking

    Compared to other types of jobs, long-haul trucking offers the following benefits:

    • Stability
    • Dependable source of income
    • Flexibility
    • Opportunity to travel
    • Employee benefits that may include health and dental insurance, 401K, and paid vacation

    Long-haul trucking isn’t for everyone, but those who decide to pursue a career in this type of trucking can expect steady pay and competitive benefits. Take the first step towards your trucking career by reaching out to America Truck Driving School.

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