Keep Your Rig in Check This Summer

  • Keep Your Rig in Check This Summer

    Keep Your Rig in Check This Summer

    Summer is well underway and so far, it’s been a scorcher. With temperatures hitting triple digits across the country, it’s important that truckers do the necessary planning and take the proper precautions before hitting the road. Their own well-being, as well as that of their rigs and the other drivers on the road, can depend on it.

    That’s why we at America Truck Driving School have put together a few tips to keep in mind while driving in the summer heat. Read on for more information!

    1. Check Your Tires
    Those black roads we drive on: they soak up the suns rays all day long and become blistering hot in the process. In these conditions, old or under-inflated tires are at a greater risk for blowouts. So, keep up your frequent tire inspections to make sure they’re road-ready and properly inflated. Blowouts at 65 miles per hour not only put you in danger but everyone sharing the road with you as well.

    2. Break for Brake Inspections
    As with tires, brakes can be adversely affected by extreme heat. Brakes near the end of the lifespan are at risk of friction loss during hot weather, which can only lead to bad things. You need that friction to stop, so keep up with your brake inspections and replace promptly when necessary.

    3. Watch for Summer Traffic
    Summer heat means summer vacation, and summer vacation means summer trips for the masses. That, of course, means more drivers on the roads. As you already know, more drivers mean more variables to keep track of and more opportunities for something to go wrong. Stay focused and keep your eyes peeled.

    With a few more months of hot days in the forecast, we hope these tips will help you beat the heat this summer. If you’re thinking about becoming a truck driver and want to learn more about the various programs available, contact America Truck Driving School today!

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