How to Finance CDL Training

  • How to Finance CDL Training

    How to Finance CDL Training

    When making a career change for truck driving, the biggest hurdle in getting a CDL is the cost of training. However, students have multiple financing and funding options to consider. 

    Employer sponsored training

    Many trucking companies have programs in place to train drivers at the company’s expense in exchange for a work commitment, typically ranging from eight months to two years. 

    • Pros: No out of pocket cost.  
    • Cons: The student is required to make a commitment to a company and the wage they determine for the agreed upon time.  

    Tuition Reimbursement

    Most large trucking companies provide tuition reimbursement in payments over a period of time, typically one year.

    • Pros: Students can pursue financing options knowing the debt will be repaid quickly.
    • Cons: Students must consider paying out of pocket or obtaining a loan.


    Depending on the borrower’s credit, some students may qualify for a loan to pay for truck driving school.  

    • Pros: The student doesn’t need to commit to any company.
    • Cons: Interest rates are typically high for these loans.  

    Government funding and grants

    Depending on the student’s situation, they may qualify for a few different types of funding, such as WIOA, DOR, SJDB, Amazon Career Choice, GI bill, and other options.  

    • Pros: The student isn’t committed to any company and some options don’t require repayment.
    • Cons: The process to qualify for some of the above funds may take more than 30 days.  

    Which Option to Choose? 

    Knowing that a company will pay back the cost of training if the student pays out of pocket or through a loan may encourage students to take the leap.  

    Students who would like to start their career sooner rather than later need to obtain their license quickly. In these cases, paying out of pocket or obtaining a loan can be a better option than government funding or searching for a company that offers tuition reimbursement.  

    America Truck Driving School offers affordable, industry leading training for individuals seeking to launch their career in the truck driving industry. We’ve helped many students develop the skills and knowledge they need to excel. Our team is happy to discuss financing options and make recommendations on an individual basis. Reach out to our office today for more information.

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