How to Choose The Right Trucking Employer For You

  • How to Choose The Right Trucking Employer For You

    How to Choose The Right Trucking Employer For You

    When you’re setting out on a career in trucking, or even if you’re a seasoned driver looking for a change, choosing the right trucking employer is paramount. This choice impacts not only your immediate job satisfaction but also your long-term career trajectory. Here are a few tips to guide you in making an informed decision.

    1. Ask questions

    Don’t be shy. The more questions you ask, the clearer picture you’ll get of the company. Inquire about
    pay scales, benefits, job expectations, routes, home time, truck maintenance standards, and anything else
    that’s pertinent to your decision.

    2. Make sure the company is hiring employees — not independent contractors

    Ensure that the company is hiring you as an employee, not an independent contractor. This distinction
    affects how you’re paid, your legal rights, and your benefits. Employees typically receive benefits and
    protections, like overtime pay, that independent contractors do not.

    3. Read online reviews

    While taking every online review to heart isn’t advisable, they can provide valuable insights. Look for
    recurring themes or consistent praises or complaints. Sites dedicated to trucker reviews or general
    employment review platforms can give you a sense of the company’s reputation in the driver community.

    4. Evaluate the company’s appearance

    First impressions count. When you visit the company, pay attention to how they present themselves. Are
    their facilities clean and well-maintained? Are the trucks in good condition? These can be indications of
    how they value their drivers and how they operate their business.

    5. Ask about their approach to communication

    Communication is vital in the trucking industry. Ask how dispatchers and managers communicate with
    drivers. Is it respectful and efficient? Find out how the company handles concerns or issues raised by
    drivers. A company that values open and clear communication can be a blessing on the road.

    6. Consider the prospects of long-term employment

    Beyond the immediate job, consider the future. Does the company offer opportunities for growth or
    advancement? Longevity in a company often comes with perks like better routes or increased pay. It’s
    also less hassle than switching employers frequently.

    7. Ask questions about working as an owner-operator

    If you have aspirations of being an owner-operator or already are one, it’s essential to understand the
    company’s policies towards them. Ask about lease agreements, maintenance accounts, fuel surcharges,
    and other specific details that affect owner-operators.
    By prioritizing open communication, understanding your employment status, and considering both
    present and future prospects, you can set yourself up for a satisfying and successful career in trucking.

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