How To Choose A Truck Driving Company To Work For

  • How To Choose A Truck Driving Company To Work For

    How To Choose A Truck Driving Company To Work For

    Whether you’ve just passed your CDL exam, or you’re looking for a new employer, here are a few factors you should consider before accepting a job offer.

    1. Company Size

    Big trucking companies have their pros and cons. They may offer to pay for your CDL training, but will require you to work for them for a set period of time — for potentially low wages. They may be great for getting your foot in the door, but keep in mind that your first year of driving will require patience and perseverance.

    2. Company Reputation

    American truck drivers are lucky to be in a healthy job market that desperately needs qualified drivers. Current hiring conditions are highly favorable for both new and experienced truckers, with many opportunities to work for employers offering competitive pay and benefits. 

    When considering a job opening, take the time to seek out truckers’ comments on the company to learn more about how they treat drivers and what the working conditions are like. This can help you avoid unpleasant surprises once you’ve accepted a job offer.

    3. Working Conditions

    A few factors to consider include:

    • Company age. Older companies tend to have a solid reputation in the industry and are seen as reliable and trustworthy.
    • Driver turnover rate. If employees are fleeing the company in droves, then that’s a serious red flag you shouldn’t ignore.
    • Salary and working hours. Find out if the company will offer you a minimum or maximum number of hours you need to pay your bills and enjoy life.
    • Location. Some companies prefer to hire local drivers, while others hire drivers from across the U.S.
    • Vehicle condition. Older vehicles tend to break down more often, meaning you could be stuck at a truck shop waiting for your truck to be fixed, instead of working and racking up the miles.

    4. Freight Lines

    If you want to drive in a particular region — or avoid certain destinations — then find out which parts of the country they send drivers to. For example, some truck drivers hate going to New York City, while others want to stay close to home.

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