Five Tips from Licensed Truck Drivers

  • Five Tips from Licensed Truck Drivers

    Five Tips from Licensed Truck Drivers

    Learning to drive an 18-wheeler doesn’t stop at making a perfect right turn. Whether you’re just starting trucking school or have been driving for a few months, truck driving is a lifetime skill that takes time to perfect.

    If you’re a newbie to the world of truck driving, set yourself up for success by listening to the advice of seasoned pros. We’ve compiled the best advice we could gather from professional truck drivers to offer you here. Read on to learn about their tricks of the trade.

    1. Seek advice from industry drivers.
    When it comes to choosing a trucking school or considering a potential employer, don’t limit your research to online reviews. Speak with the actual instructors, supervisors, graduates and employees about their firsthand experiences. Unlike the internet, which can be lopsided in the impressions it creates, people in the industry can provide more thoughtful advice.

    1. Be honest.
      When applying to attend a trucking school or for a trucking job, be honest about your answers regarding education, work experience, relevant medical conditions and more. Even if you feel like you haven’t had the most stellar moments in your past, your willingness to be honest about them will demonstrate that you’re a trustworthy candidate.
    2. Study and apply yourself before you arrive.
      Whether we’re talking about truck driving school or a new job in the industry, there will be plenty to learn. Ideally, you will begin studying before you get started at that new school or job. At both, you will hit the ground running, and the more you know the moment you step through the door, the better prepared for success you will be.
    3. Bring a strong work ethic and a can-do attitude.
      Your instructors, classmates, employer and coworkers will all appreciate the person who works hard without complaint, and who chooses humility and a willingness to learn over arrogance. You start building your reputation in this industry the day you step into trucking school. Build one you can be proud of.
    4. Become a life-long student.
      You begin with your research into schools and employers. Then you research trucks and gear and the latest technologies and safety procedures for the job. Then you just keep on keeping on. There’s always something new to learn about the trucking industry, and staying up-to-date keeps you relevant and sets you up to be a well-rounded truck driver.

    Whether you’ve just begun looking into the possibility of making trucking your career, or you’ve already started your classes, let the advice of those who have gone before you smooth your way. Contact us today to learn more about our quality programs and how they can help you become a top-performing truck driver!

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