EPA Underestimated Costs Of Emissions Controls

  • EPA Underestimated Costs Of Emissions Controls

    The National Automobile Dealers Association and American Truck Dealers have released a new report that calls into question the Environmental Protection Agency’s cost analysis of emissions control requirements for model year 2004-2010 commercial trucks. The mandates resulted in substantially higher prices for commercial vehicles, depressed sales, and delayed the environmental benefits that the EPA originally sought, the report says.

    Indeed, the study reveals that the EPA underestimated actual compliance costs on average by a factor of two to five.

    “Until now, few studies have ever compared the EPA’s cost predictions to the actual cost of meeting its motor vehicle emissions mandates,” NADA/ATD said in a stratement. “It shows what can happen when a regulatory proposal — based on far in-advance predictions — seeks to set mandates far in the future. Importantly, the study documents the real-world market disruptions that can occur as a result.”

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