Are You a Veteran? Consider Becoming a CDL Truck Driver.

  • Are You a Veteran? Consider Becoming a CDL Truck Driver.

    Are You a Veteran? Consider Becoming a CDL Truck Driver.

    If you’re a veteran looking for a new career path, life as a commercial truck driver to be the perfect fit. Many veterans are ideal candidates to earn their commercial driver’s licenses (CDL) and pursue careers in trucking. The values instilled in the military apply directly to professional truck driving. Whether you drove trucks or heavy machinery during your service, you may be perfectly suited to get behind the wheel of a big rig.

    Here are some of the traits that are often behind a great truck driver:

    Situational Awareness
    Driving a large truck is a serious task and it’s important that the driver is alert and displays strong situation awareness at all times. These are traits often found in many military veterans.

    Regardless of your rank in the military, it takes a sense of leadership to serve our country. This quality is so valuable in the commercial trucking industry.

    Truck drivers must be dependable. They are being counted on to drive long distances and deliver their cargo on time. Many veterans are great at making sure the job is done right.

    Mental and Physical Stamina
    Driving a truck over a long distance requires a great deal of mental and physical stamina. After the toll of serving in the military, veterans find driving a truck usually isn’t nearly as demanding.

    Even though some of the road time is spent alone, it takes a lot of teamwork to get a load of cargo across the country. There are many people involved in the process, so being a team player is an invaluable trait.

    If you are a veteran and looking for a new, exciting and financially rewarding career opportunity, consider becoming a commercial truck driver. America Truck Driving School can provide you with all the training, education and resources you need to earn your CDL and match up with a trucking company that’s eager to hire veterans like you. Contact us today for more information to sign up for your first course!

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