A Rewarding Career Opportunity For Unemployed Veterans In San Diego County

  • A Rewarding Career Opportunity For Unemployed Veterans In San Diego County

    A Rewarding Career Opportunity For Unemployed Veterans In San Diego County

    For over 20 years, America Truck Driving School has been helping students take the first step towards a career in truck driving. Individuals from all walks of life have enrolled in our programs designed to help them obtain a commercial driver’s license and qualify for lucrative employment in the trucking industry.

    A Fresh Start For Veterans

    The financial investment required to take this step may be a challenge for some individuals, but especially for veterans. We are deeply grateful for their service and are excited to announce that the Veterans Village of San Diego Employment has agreed to sponsor Class A/B Truck and Bus Driver training for unemployed and/or homeless veterans who would like to enroll in a program at American Truck Driving School.

    The employment agency will cover the costs of training, assist students in the job search process and provide other work-related supportive services, such as work clothing, boots, tools, transportation assistance, and etc. Students enrolled at the America Trucking Driving School will also receive help creating a resume, preparing for interviews and much more. 

    This opportunity is open to:

    • Homeless veterans or veterans at imminent risk of homelessness seeking employment or short-term vocational training
    • Unemployed veterans/veteran spouses seeking job search and placement assistance
    • Unemployed veterans/veteran spouses seeking funding for short term vocational training

    Veterans who are interested in pursuing a Class A/B license but are unable to cover the cost of training should reach out to the staff at America Truck Driving School to take advantage of this life-changing offer.

    Why Veterans Should Consider Truck Driving

    Veterans already possess many of the skills required to excel as truck drivers, such as situational awareness, dependability, leadership, management and teamwork. Veterans with these skills have a unique competitive advantage in the job market, not to mention the fact that many trucking companies actively seek out veterans to fill open positions.

    Veterans with significant military driving experience may be eligible for a skills test waiver. Those who still have a CDL from their time spent in the military may even start a trucking career with a higher pay rate. We encourage veterans with driving experience to reach out to us to learn more about their options and to find out how they can speed up the training process.

    Another unique benefit of pursuing a career in truck driving is job security. The national truck driver shortage has opened up many opportunities for new and aspiring drivers, creating a welcoming environment for job seekers. To attract qualified candidates, many truck driving companies offer a steady income, benefits and retirement options.

    Why Choose America Truck Driving School

    America Truck Driving School programs are custom-tailored to the unique needs of each individual student. Our instructors are qualified to help beginner, intermediate and advanced drivers gain the skills and knowledge they need to take the next step in their career. We encourage veterans to consider the benefits of pursuing a career in the trucking industry and to choose America Truck Driving School.

    Please give us a call at our Riverside location for more information on funding assistance you may qualify for.

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