8 Questions You Might Get Asked in a Truck Driver Interview

  • 8 Questions You Might Get Asked in a Truck Driver Interview

    8 Questions You Might Get Asked in a Truck Driver Interview

    Whether you are relatively new to your truck driving career or you are an experienced driver, you have to be prepared for interviews, tests and background checks when applying for jobs and contracts. A good truck driving school will help you with this kind of preparation. However, there is some additional research you can do on your own. Maybe you’ve been trucking with one company for a long time and you are a little out of practice when it comes to your interview skills. This article will help you get prepared by sharing some of the most common questions you can expect to get asked in a truck driver interview.

    Interviewers are generally looking to understand your skills, experience, knowledge and qualifications to make sure you can professionally handle all the responsibilities of the job. Here are some questions they might ask:

    What Made You Pursue a Career in Trucking?

    This is all about understanding your background and motivation for starting your career as a commercial truck driver. This will be a good opportunity to show your passion for the business, as well as your trucking education (the key steps you took to become a commercial trucker).

    What Would You Do If…?

    There may be several questions framed with this kind of set up. The interviewer will present you with some common scenarios you might encounter on your route: accidents, traffic delays, road closures or tiredness, for example. They are trying to test you and get an understanding of how you would react when presented with certain challenges. This is a good question to prepare for, as you can display your calmness, problem-solving skills and commitment to doing the right thing (even when things are going wrong). If you are an experienced driver, you can share a personal story of when you encountered one of these challenges and how you dealt with it.

    What Are the Most Important FMCSA Regulations to Follow?

    Of course, the proper answer is all of them. However, you want to display your knowledge of FMCSA rules and regulations by highlighting a few that are most prominent. This is an opportunity to share your knowledge of traffic and safety regulations, so the employer knows you are qualified with the right training. Technical questions like this are best answered briefly and directly, but be prepared for the interviewer to ask follow-up questions about specific regulations.

    What Kind of Stimulants Do You Use to Stay Alert During Long Hauls?

    This is actually kind of a trick question. You’ll want to ensure them you don’t take any stimulants that are against FMCSA regulations. You stay alert by getting good sleep, staying hydrated and taking breaks when feeling drowsy. Sure, the occasional coffee or energy drink is okay, but this question is a test of your knowledge of FMCSA regulations regarding stimulants that are against their policies.

    Why is it Important to Stop at Weigh Stations?

    This is a very common question and an answer you will want to approach strategically. It’s important to show your understanding and support of weigh stations. They may slow down your trip, but they exist for good reason. They keep roads safer and prevent overloading of trucks, which benefits everyone. 

    How Do You Ensure You Meet Your Delivery Deadlines?

    Employers and contractors value dependability and punctuality. They don’t care how you get from point A to point B as much as they care about when you get to your scheduled destination. Talk about your pre-trip planning, which technology you are using (such as GPS) and your contingency planning in case you meet unscheduled delays or challenges on the road.

    What Documentation Do You Carry with You?

    This is another test of your knowledge of rules and regulations. Go into any interview understanding what documents you need to carry as a truck driver, relative to your license, your truck, your cargo and your route. Proper documentation is critical for displaying your compliance and organizational skills.

    What is Your Training and Experience?

    You may get a variety of questions relating to your truck driving training and experience. If you went to a reputable truck driving school, you can talk about your education and training. This may also include any apprenticeships you completed. Experienced drivers may get asked even more questions about their trucking background. What kind of products have you hauled? Have you ever been late to a delivery location? What kind of trucks have you driven? These are some questions you might be asked as they delve deeper into your professional background.

    These are just a few common questions you may encounter when interviewing for a commercial truck driving job or contract. For more helpful tips and resources—or for the best trucking training programs in Southern California—check out the America Truck Driving School website or contact us today.

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