8 Qualities Of Good Truck Drivers

  • 8 Qualities Of Good Truck Drivers

    8 Qualities Of Good Truck Drivers

    There’s more to truck driving than just getting behind the wheel and following directions. To succeed in the industry, truckers should have the following traits.

    1. Responsibility

    Truck drivers must follow national, state, and company requirements for safety, breaks, driving time, and paperwork. Good drivers have to keep up with changes in regulations and plan ahead to meet delivery dates.

    2. Independence

    Unlike workers in other occupations, truck drivers don’t have managers looking over their shoulders. Drivers are expected to do their job without being micro-managed and learn the ins and outs of trucking fairly quickly.

    3. Focus

    Driving for hours, days, and weeks at a time requires a high level of focus. Traffic jams, road construction, bad weather, and other road hazards increase the risk of accidents and truckers need to recognize when it’s time to take a break.

    4. Mechanical Knowledge

    Knowing how to change a tire or bulb can really come in handy, especially when truckers are far from any truck stops or repair shops. Truck drivers should know the basics of how their truck works and keep up on maintenance to ensure their truck stays in good condition.

    5. Time Management

    Though truckers don’t have managers with them while they’re on the road, they have to follow laws for driving time, sleep and rest requirements, and logging their time. For truckers, time is money and they can’t afford to snooze the alarm clock in the morning.

    6. Physical Endurance

    Truckers need to keep up with daily demands, work long hours, and stay alert well into the night. They also need to be mindful of their health and stick to healthy eating habits.

    7. Continued Training

    Trucking company policies change and federal regulations are revised often. Truckers need to stay aware of changes and be flexible. To remain in good standing and continue driving across state borders, they’ll need to renew their licenses and follow state driving laws. 

    8. Communication Skills

    Truckers communicate with dispatchers, warehouse workers, employers, and other drivers on a regular basis. They need to have great interpersonal skills and work well with others.

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