8+ Items Every Trucker Needs To Have For Winter Driving

  • 8+ Items Every Trucker Needs To Have For Winter Driving

    8+ Items Every Trucker Needs To Have For Winter Driving

    Winter inevitably brings icy and unpredictable weather conditions that can lead to safety concerns and unexpected delays for truck drivers. To stay warm and safe, truck drivers should stock up on the following items before hitting the road.

    1. Heavy coat and overalls

    Even though most of a truck driver’s time is spent inside the truck, opening the door during a stop will send a blast of cold air that could lead to a serious cold. Before heading out, drivers should put on some warm overalls and a heavy-duty coat with reflective strips

    2. Boots and gloves

    Waterproof boots are important to keeping feet dry and warm, especially when there’s a thick layer of snow on the ground. Truck drivers should invest in boots with traction to prevent falls during icy weather conditions. Waterproof, or leather, gloves are also important and can help make maintenance tasks easier.

    3. Emergency blanket

    Some regions of the US can get extremely cold during the winter. In these times, an emergency blanket or two could be the difference between a good night’s sleep and a miserable night spent shivering under the covers. Remember that extra layers help trap heat and keep you warm.

    4. Pocket hand warmers

    Pocket hand warmers are a great way to warm up your hands after standing outside getting fuel or hooking up a trailer. Many drivers keep a few packs in their coat pockets during the winter months to keep them warm.

    5. Hot food and drinks

    Just because you’re out on the road doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the memorable parts of winter, such as hot chocolate and steamy meals after a long day. Try to get at least one hot meal a day to keep you warm and refreshed.

    6. Windshield washer fluid and blades

    Icy weather conditions can cause windshield blades to break, so be sure to keep a spare set during the winter months. If windshield washer fluid runs out while you’re out on the road, you could be stuck with a dirty windshield and impaired visibility.

    7. Scrapers, snow brushes and snow shovel

    An ice scraper is a great tool for cutting down the time it takes to defrost a windshield, while a snow shovel is useful for removing snow around the truck’s tires.

    8. Diesel additives

    Stock up on diesel additives in advance to make sure you’ve got enough to get through the rough winter months.

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