8 Great Podcasts For Truck Drivers

  • 8 Great Podcasts For Truck Drivers

    8 Great Podcasts For Truck Drivers

    When you’re out on the road for days and weeks at a time, you need something to help pass the time. Though music is one way to stay engaged when staring at miles and miles of pavement, podcasts have emerged as a great way to not only be entertained but to learn and expand your knowledge. Here are a few great podcasts truck drivers are sure to enjoy.

    1. The Truck Show Podcast

    Hosted by Los Angeles radio personality and producer Jay Tilles and automotive journalist Sean P. Holman, this podcast is for truck drivers and truck enthusiasts who want to hear the latest in truck news in a fun and entertaining way.

    2. Trucker Dump

    Laughter is medicine for the soul and this podcast is just what the doctor would prescribe for truck drivers. Listen to Trucker Dump for insights and humorous views of the daily grind in the trucking industry.

    3. Sports Wars

    Though you can’t watch a game while out on the road, the next best thing is hearing the stories behind sports rivalries. The host, Dan Rubenstein, takes listeners through grudge matches, pranks, tantrums, and the truth behind notorious sports feuds. 

    4. The Bill Simmons Podcast

    Bill Simmons hosts celebrity guests and discusses a variety of topics related to sports and pop culture. His analysis covers the latest matchups, player moves, and storylines across American’s favorite sports games.

    5. The Herd with Colin Cowherd

    This is the right podcast for those who love all things sport-related. Colin Cowherd offers a thought-provoking take on the top stories of the day.

    6. No Such Thing As A Fish

    Who doesn’t want to learn random facts? This weekly British podcast series features comical takes on favorite facts unearthed in the past few days. This podcast has no limits on how outrageous or wild the facts can be!

    7. People Fixing The World

    If you’ve got a mind for fixing the world’s biggest problems, this optimistic podcast features ideas from people who want to make the world a better place. It is well researched and contains very valuable insights.

    8. Comedy Bang! Bang!

    Host Scott Aukerman interviews comedians, celebrities, and occasional oddballs to bring hilarious content that will keep you upbeat and hungry for more.

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