7 Tips For Safe Truck Driving This Fall Season

  • 7 Tips For Safe Truck Driving This Fall Season

    7 Tips For Safe Truck Driving This Fall Season

    The fall season ushers in cooler temperatures and changes in driving conditions for truckers. Rain, fog, fallen leaves, and less daylight require caution when out on the road. The following tips can help truckers drive safely during the fall season.

    1. Look out for leaves.

    Fallen leaves can hide patches of ice and potholes on the road. In addition, wet leaves can make roads slippery. To avoid an accident on roads covered with leaves, slow down and try to maneuver around them.

    2. Get ready for rainy weather.

    Rain makes it difficult to see far ahead and prepare for other hazards on the road. When it’s pouring cats and dogs, slow down and keep a distance from other cars. 

    3. Be on the lookout for deer.

    The fall season is breeding time for deer. This means they’re more active and likely to wander onto the road. When driving in wooded areas, keep an eye out for deer crossing signs. If a deer jumps onto the road ahead of you, brake but don’t swerve.

    4. Prepare for driving during dawn and dusk.

    Though there’s less sunlight during the fall season, trucker’s driving hours aren’t reduced. This means truckers are driving more at dusk and at night. Check headlights before heading out at night and wear a good pair of sunglasses during sunrise.

    5. Watch for black ice.

    Black ice can form at night and early in the morning, making braking and turning more challenging than usual. Be on the lookout for black ice during the fall season

    6. Look out for farm equipment.

    Harvest season means more slow-moving farm equipment on the road. With few lights, warning triangles, and reflectors, farm equipment is less conspicuous than vehicles. In addition, these drivers are likely to make sudden movements off-road or into fields. Look for signs indicating a farm crossing in an agricultural area and avoid passing unless it’s safe and legal to do so.

    7. Slow down in school zones.

    School’s back in session and kids are out and about in the mornings and afternoons. Be especially careful in school zones, keeping an eye out for bus stops and children crossing the road. You could also plan ahead by avoiding school zones altogether.


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