7 Organizational Hacks For Truck Drivers

  • 7 Organizational Hacks For Truck Drivers

    7 Organizational Hacks For Truck Drivers

    New truck drivers don’t expect their job to require sophisticated organizational skills, but for those that put in some effort to stay organized, the benefits are tangible. No matter how organized or disorganized you may be, the following hacks are simple and quite effective.

    Clickable lights

    When you’re getting back to your truck at night, you may need to fumble around a bit before you can turn on the lights and see where everything is. But if you have clickable, adhesive lights, you can turn them on with a simple tap. Place them inside cabinets or above the bed for convenient lighting.


    Instead of throwing everything in a bag or stuffing clothes into cabinets, utilize wall space by attaching self adhesive hooks. Velcro is useful for attaching containers or bins to a wall in the truck and ensuring the containers don’t move when you’re driving. A file box can also be attached to the back of the driver’s seat, using velcro, for easy access.

    Handheld vacuum

    Don’t let the interior of your truck accumulate dirt and dust. Keep a handheld vacuum cleaner with you to clean up messes and spills as soon as they occur. It won’t take even a minute to clean, if you take care of it right away.

    Storage containers/packing cubes

    Before purchasing storage containers, be sure to measure the space in your cabin. You can also use soft packing cubes to store clothing and easily transfer them to duffel bags.


    If you’ve got storage bins, it can be hard to keep track of what’s where. Purchase a label maker or simply label bins using a sharpie marker. This will help you cut down time spent searching for certain items.


    Remove trash from your truck when filling up the gas tank. Make it a habit.

    Also, before going to bed each night, go through your truck picking up trash and checking for any messes. This will train you to automatically clean your truck.

    Over-the-door pocket organizer

    The organizer that’s typically used to store shoes can also be used to store basic necessities, like paper towels, snacks, toiletries, and sunscreen. Hang one up on a wall in your truck for easy access.

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