7 Money Saving Tips For Truck Drivers

  • 7 Money Saving Tips For Truck Drivers

    7 Money Saving Tips For Truck Drivers

    When you’re a trucker out on the road for days or weeks at a time, you may be tempted to think you’re on a road trip and give yourself permission to eat out at restaurants, purchase snacks at gas stations, and buy souvenirs. Soon enough, you’ll be wondering why your bank balance has gotten so low.

    To prevent this from happening, truckers need to take advantage of the following financial tips.

    1. Set a budget

    If you’re hired as a company driver, before heading out on your first trip, consider how much you’ll spend on the following:

    • Meals and snacks
    • Laundry and showers
    • Equipment and supplies like safety vests, work boots, and stationary
    • Personal expenses for housing, utilities, and vehicles
    • Recreation

    Make a habit of saving your receipts and keeping track of your daily spending to identify which expenses should be cut out completely or reduced.

    2. Meal prep

    Planning your meals will not only save you time, but also money. Purchase items like bottled water, snacks, and canned items in bulk at a grocery store to maximize your savings and eliminate the urge to buy these things from truck stops, which have significant markups.

    3. Keep up with truck maintenance

    Whether you’re an owner-operator or company driver, ignoring minor issues with the truck can lead to costly repairs and extended downtime down the road. Prioritizing preventative maintenance can help ensure steady income and minimize disruptions.

    4. Ask about CDL discounts

    Many restaurants, gas stations, casinos, and hotels offer discounts to CDL drivers, so don’t forget to ask. Some personal auto insurance companies also offer discounts for truck drivers.

    5. Use cruise control

    Cruise control is a modern convenience that many truckers rely on to maximize fuel efficiency and give their legs a break.

    6. Keep a change jar in your sleeper

    When you do buy snacks at a truck stop or make other cash purchases, store the change in a jar for emergency funds in case the nearest ATM is out of order.

    7. Sign up for rewards/points programs

    Most truck stops and gas stations have reward programs that offer free merchandise and showers. Since you’ll be a frequent visitor at truck stops, sign for their reward programs and start earning points.

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