5 Tips For New Truckers

  • 5 Tips For New Truckers

    5 Tips For New Truckers

    It takes more than truck driving school and a CDL to excel in the industry. New truck drivers should consider the following tips for taking the plunge into their career.

    1. Keep your truck clean

    It’s easy to let your truck’s interior get dirty by throwing wrappers on the seat, tossing empty bottles into the cabin, or accidentally dropping snack bits on the floor. Do yourself a favor by picking up wrappers, chips bags, and other pieces of trash and putting them into a designated garbage bag. At the end of the day, wipe down the dashboard and throw out the trash.

    2. Make healthy food choices

    Truck stops are temptation central for junk food and impulse shopping. If you start relying on truck stops for food and beverages like water, coffee, or soda, you’ll find yourself gaining weight and going broke. Purchase a 12-volt cooler and store homemade or pre-prepped food, snacks, and beverages. Ensure your truck has a 12-volt outlet and also consider getting a portable stove to prepare easy meals in your truck.

    3. Keep the right tools on hand

    Every truck driver needs to have a certain set of tools and supplies on hand in case of an emergency. A few must-haves include a screwdriver, pliers, tape measure, hex keys, utility knife, flashlight, tire thumper stick, extendable snow brush, DOT reflective triangles, high capacity tow rope, booster cables, tire air gauge, cable ties, hammer, box knife, and air line antifreeze.

    4. Bring entertainment with you

    Driving a truck isn’t the same as going on a road trip with friends. There will be times when you’ll miss the company and want some music or conversation to pass the time. A few ways to keep yourself entertained include listening to podcasts and music, playing online chess or card games, reading a book, or watching a movie. Bring the necessary electronics to keep yourself entertained.

    5. Exercise regularly

    Just because your job involves sitting behind a wheel for most of your day, doesn’t mean you can’t get some exercise in. During restroom breaks, loading, and unloading, go for a walk, do some pushups, and lift some weights. Bring dumbbells and other exercise equipment that can easily be stored in your truck.

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