5 Tips for Eating Healthy as a Truck Driver

  • 5 Tips for Eating Healthy as a Truck Driver

    5 Tips for Eating Healthy as a Truck Driver

    When you’re out on the road, you don’t think much about food until your grumbling stomach reminds you it’s time to eat. At that point, you’re willing to eat whatever is within reach and doesn’t require any preparation. However, this can lead to indulging in junk food and an ever-increasing waistline. The solution? Being proactive in choosing and preparing healthy food. Below are a few tips to eating healthy as a truck driver.

    Tip #1: Reduce portion size.

    Mistake #1 when you’re hungry is to raid the fridge and eat all that looks tempting. But hold your horses. Rather than eating a lot at once, increase the number of times you eat throughout the day and reduce portion size.

    Tip #2: Understand the benefits of a healthy diet.

    But what’s wrong with microwaveable dinners and packaged snacks? Well, they’re usually high in sodium, fat, sugar and empty carbs. What they lack is quality protein, complex carbs and essential vitamins. To eat healthy, choose whole foods like fruits, vegetables and grains. Eating healthy will make you feel full quicker, increase your energy and reduce your risk of chronic diseases caused by poor diet. 

    Tip #3: Pack fruit, granola and healthy snacks, instead of purchasing from truck stop stores.

    If you don’t have healthy food packed for the trip, then you’re easily tempted by the sugary snacks so readily available at truck stop stores. Doughnuts, candy, chips, soda and sugary drinks are strategically placed in highly-trafficked areas of the store, while healthier food options are tucked away in distant corners or not available at all. Plan what you’ll eat on your trip and pack healthy snacks in advance.

    Tip #4: Don’t skip breakfast or start the day with a sugary snack.

    We get it. Not everyone wants to eat breakfast the minute they wake up. Some of us would rather munch on a cookie or doughnut instead of taking the time to prepare a meal. But what they taught you in grade school is actually true — breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. Don’t skip it. If you don’t have the stomach for a full meal, choose a healthy snack like carrots or bananas.

    Tip #5: Drink lots of water instead of soda.

    It’s easy for truck drivers down gallons of soda like its water. Except it isn’t. Sugar is always faithful to pack on the pounds, in a quiet and steady way. How do you stop the sugar from taking control of your waistline? Switch to drinking water. It’s that simple.  




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