4 Universal Rules of the Road Every Truck Driver Should Know

  • 4 Universal Rules of the Road Every Truck Driver Should Know

    4 Universal Rules of the Road Every Truck Driver Should Know

    When you are a commercial truck driver, you are expected to follow certain “rules of the road.” These are matters of safety, of law and of etiquette between fellow drivers.

    There are many types of rules of the road, but there are four universal rules that every truck driver should be aware of. Can you name them? The CDL trainers at America Truck Driving School breaks them down below:

    • Headlight & Windshield Wipers Law

    Many states have a specific law that requires all drivers to have their headlights turned on any time that they have their windshield wipers on—whether it’s rain, fog, snow, sleet or anything that hinders visibility less than 1,000 feet. Even in the states that don’t have this law, it’s a good rule to practice for safety.

    • Distracted Driving Law

    You can have phones and MP3 players in the vehicle, and you can use a hands-free phone device in most states (some, like Wisconsin, don’t allow phone usage at all unless it’s to report an emergency). You cannot and should not ever text while driving and don’t let the use of any device distract you while on the road. You will be breaking the law and risking the safety of you and everyone on the road around you.

    • Truck Speed Limits

    Speed limits will vary from state to state and from highway to highway. Always pay special attention to the posted speed limits for trucks, as they are often different than speed limits for passenger vehicles.

    • Move Over Law

    Almost all states have what’s known as the Move Over Law. This means that when you see an emergency vehicle pulled onto the shoulder with its lights on, you must make every effort to move over into an open adjacent lane when passing. Sometimes, there isn’t an open lane. In that case, slow down and carefully pass the emergency vehicle. Most truck drivers will also follow this same rule when they pass another truck or any vehicle stranded on the side of the road.

    Whether you’re a long haul or short haul truck driver, make sure to keep these four rules of the road in mind. For more commercial truck driving tips and training resources, contact America Truck Driving School today.

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