11 Life Hacks For Truck Drivers

  • 11 Life Hacks For Truck Drivers

    11 Life Hacks For Truck Drivers

    If you’re a new truck driver, life on the road is finally a reality. But so are the responsibilities you need to juggle on a daily basis. The following hacks will help you save time, stay organized, and support your schedule.

    1. Use water to cool the steering wheel.

    A black steering wheel absorbs heat and becomes nearly impossible to handle during warm temperatures. Use a damp cloth to quickly cool down the steering wheel.

    2. Time your breaks.

    Driving during sunrise and sunset comes with a higher risk of accidents because the sun is in your eyes. Consider taking breaks during this time or just avoid driving during rush hour.

    3. Keep your dashboard organized.

    Keep the phone holder, wet wipes, and sunglasses within reach for easy access while you’re driving. Bobbleheads and other accessories shouldn’t take up important space on your dashboard.

    4. Keep emergency snacks on hand.

    Nuts, dried fruit, crackers, and protein bars are great snacks to enjoy in between meals. Keep them within reach in case hunger strikes in the middle of traffic.

    5. Keep things comfortable.

    Halfway through your day, add cushioning to the seat to avoid going numb or slouching.

    6. Master stationary exercises.

    Truck drivers don’t have an excuse to not exercise. Push-ups, sit-ups, stretches, squats, and jumping jacks can be done in a small space without any fancy equipment. Make time for exercise in your schedule to stay healthy.

    7. Sit properly.

    Truck drivers sit for long periods of time every day, potentially leading to back and shoulder pain. Form a habit of sitting with good posture to avoid chronic back pain.

    8. Hide a spare key.

    There will come a day when you’ve locked yourself out of the truck. Rather than calling roadside assistance, keep a hidden key secured on the body of the truck. Just be sure to put the key back after you’ve found the original key.

    9. Keep emergency toilet paper.

    It’s not hard to find a public bathroom, but some of them may be out of toilet paper. Keep an emergency roll with you, just in case.

    10. Use toothpaste (to defog headlights).

    Apply toothpaste to headlights and rinse with warm water to defog the headlights.

    11. Use soda to remove rust.

    The acidic level of soda makes it a great DIY cleaner. Use a sponge and Coke to clear away rust from the truck.

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