10 Secrets About Truck Driving

  • 10 Secrets About Truck Driving

    10 Secrets About Truck Driving

    Truck drivers are their own tribe of nomads and explorers. They have their own lingo, habits and preferences — of which most people don’t have a clue about.

    1. Truck drivers have their own lingo.

    When truck drivers say they’re hauling toothpicks, they’re talking about lumber.

    Rubbernecks are the drivers on the opposite of the road of an accident scene who slow down to see what’s going on.

    A brake check signals there is traffic up ahead.

    Paying the water bill means getting off the road when nature calls.

    2. They get creative to try and stay awake.

    Coffee, energy drinks, rolling down the windows and blasting the radio are a few ways truck drivers try to stay awake. And some just repeatedly slap themselves in the face. 

    3. They use CB radios.

    No, truck drivers don’t use smartphones to talk to other drivers when they’re on the road.

    4. They use blinkers to communicate.

    Yes, truck drivers have a secret language of lights. A truck driver that is being passed by another driver will signal their lights on and off to let the other driver know that they’ve cleared his truck and can merge.

    5. They often drive with their wives.

    For those who don’t want to be apart, the best thing to do is just bring their wives along for the ride.

    6. They can personalize their truck.

    If cars can be painted pink, then truck drivers can get creative with their truck’s paint job. Sometimes it ends up looking cool. Other times, the design is cringeworthy.

    7. They can sometimes sample the goods.

    Who would say no to free ice cream or candy? Truck drivers are sometimes given a sample when they pick up or drop off a shipment.

    8. They don’t take hitchhikers.

    Regardless of what Hollywood says, truckers don’t pull over for hitchhikers. So put that thumb away and call an Uber.

    9. They might use rideshare to sightsee.

    When drivers have time for sightseeing, they’ll take a rideshare to explore the area.

    10. They drive engines programmed to discourage speeding.

    No use complaining about truck drivers who actually follow the speed limit. Some of them have engines that have a programmed speed limit.

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