Top 5 Traits of a Great Truck Driver

  • Top 5 Traits of a Great Truck Driver

    Top 5 Traits of a Great Truck Driver

    We all want to be good at what we do, and we all want to carry the satisfaction that comes from knowing we’ve succeeded in our work. In the truck driving field, doing your best to be a good truck driver pays off in the long run. So, what does it take to be a great truck driver? We at America Truck Driving School have put together a list of the top traits all great truck drivers embody.

    Take a look at our top five list:

    1. Proper Licensing and Training
      Perhaps this one is a no-brainer, but every good truck driver takes their licensing and training seriously. This means keeping that license up to date, as well as taking what you’ve learned in the classroom and applying it consistently out on the road.
    2. Safety and Responsibility
      The best truck drivers always have safety and customer satisfaction on their minds. They perform regular upkeep on their rigs to stay up to code at all times. They follow safety protocols when loading, unloading and driving their trucks. And they stay mindful of other drivers on the road at all times. Because the best truck drivers budget their time well, they can take care of the above safety matters while still arriving on time with their shipments, which keeps their clients happy.
    3. Independence
      While truck drivers rely upon dispatchers and others to help carry out their duties, most of the job requires the ability to work and problem solve alone. Good truck drivers not only feel comfortable spending long stretches of time alone, they feel confident in their ability to resolve unexpected hiccups on the fly and on their own.
    1. Good with Truck Maintenance
      Tires blow out sometimes, brake lights go out, and a whole host of other maintenance issues, large and small, creep up in the life of a truck driver. Oftentimes, the best and most efficient way to move forward with the job is for the driver to try to resolve the issue on their own as much as they can. The best truck drivers learn about their rigs and how to fix them when needed.
    1. Good with People
      While this might seem a strange trait for a solitary job, it is an important one. Truck drivers do spend most of their time alone on the road, but they also have frequent interactions with clients, employers, and warehouse crews. Having strong people skills allows trucks drivers to represent their employers well and deliver excellent customer service to clients.

    There are many important traits the best truck drivers share. If you’re looking to be at the top of your field, practice and implement these traits in your own trucking career. To learn more about the truck driving industry or to sign up for one America Truck Driving School’s programs, contact us today!

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