How To Maintain Physical And Mental Health As A Truck Driver

  • How To Maintain Physical And Mental Health As A Truck Driver

    How To Maintain Physical And Mental Health As A Truck Driver

    Being out on the road for weeks at a time can sometimes start to feel like an extended road trip, with access to endless processed snacks, no exercise, and caffeine overload. This kind of lifestyle will quickly pack on the pounds and lead to poor physical and mental health. That’s why truck drivers need to pay close attention to what they’re putting into their bodies and how they’re feeling emotionally.

    1. Make healthy food choices.

    The first step is simply to eat nutritious food. Good fats, heaping servings of vegetables, lean cuts of meat, and heart-healthy nuts should be key ingredients in truck drivers’ daily meals. The best way to ensure a healthy diet, is to meal prep and avoid shopping for food on an empty stomach. Carefully review ingredient labels to ensure you’re consuming ingredients that you can pronounce.

    2. Start the day with protein.

    A breakfast high in protein will help you feel full throughout the day and help minimize unhealthy snacking. Good sources of protein include eggs, turkey, nuts, cheese, and protein bars. 

    3. Prevent sugar and carb overload.

    If you’re feeling hungry, grab a fiber-rich snack, such as a nut bar or fresh fruit. Keep high-sugar snacks out of reach to prevent mindless snacking.

    4. Stay hydrated.

    Drinking plenty of water throughout the day will help quench your appetite, regulate body temperature, supply your brain and body with oxygen, and keep your mind clear and focused on the road ahead. Keep a few gallons of water in your truck to ensure you don’t run out while you’re driving through the middle of nowhere.

    5. Create and stick to an exercise regimen.

    Truck drivers don’t need a gym membership to exercise while out on the road. Grab a few dumbbells, get a mat, and start exercising. Arm curls, sit-ups, push-ups, and a simple jog around the truck stop are a few  great ways to get your blood pumping and your energy level up. Set fitness goals to help yourself stay motivated.

    6. Talk to a friend.

    Humans are made for social interaction, and truck drivers are no exception. When you’ve got nothing but miles and miles of pavement ahead of you, there’s nothing keeping you from calling up an old friend and catching up on life. 

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