America Truck Driving School’s 2018 Holiday Gift Guide for Truck Drivers

  • America Truck Driving School’s 2018 Holiday Gift Guide for Truck Drivers

    America Truck Driving School’s 2018 Holiday Gift Guide for Truck Drivers

    If your friend or family member is a truck driver, they can be tricky to shop for if you don’t know what to look for. Some gifts can be practical while others are just for fun. When considering what gifts to buy a truck driver, think about what will make life on the road more enjoyable for them.

    America Truck Driving School has put together a gift guide for truck drivers to help with the 2018 holiday season:

    • Work Gloves
      There are a few types of gloves that truck drivers typically use: driving gloves and work gloves. Driving gloves can provide more comfort on the road while work gloves can be used for any loading, unloading or mechanical tasks that need to be performed.
    • Sunglasses
      Any truck driver will appreciate a quality pair of sunglasses that look good, fit comfortably and help protect the eyes during long hours of driving in the day.
    • Tire Monitoring System
      A tire monitoring system will help a driver protect their investment. These systems include truck tire sensors and a cab monitoring unit that will help avoid high temperatures, blow-outs and costly delays from various tire issues
    • First Aid Kit
      All trucks will have standard first aid kits that are generally supplied by the trucking company. However, they are not always up to date and may not include overlooked or important supplies such as tweezers, scissors or tape. Having a quality first aid kit in the cab is something every driver will benefit from.
    • Slow Cooker
      A slow cooker (crock pot) is another fun and useful gift. They are perfect for long hauls because they can start cooking at one destination and a delicious, hearty meal will be ready by the next stop.
    • Electric Blanket
      Nights in the cab can get chilly, even if the auxiliary power heater is running. An electric blanket can easily provide warmth and comfort on the coldest of nights.
    • Shower Kit
      Put together a nice bag of toiletries with all the essentials a driver will need on the road. Shampoo, tissues, Q-tips, razor, shaving cream, deodorant—these are all items that will help someone to stay clean and comfortable while on the road.
    • Commercial Driving School
      Perhaps you know someone who is thinking about a career in trucking. Get them the ultimate gift of an America Truck Driving School program, and help them on their way towards a rewarding career.

      With the holidays just around the corner, the pressure to find the right gift is growing. From sunglasses to slow cookers, you can’t go wrong with getting your loved one the gift they want this season. To learn more about America Truck Driving School and our services, contact us today!

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