A Truck Driver’s Holiday Wish List Guide

  • A Truck Driver’s Holiday Wish List Guide

    A Truck Driver’s Holiday Wish List Guide

    Do you have a truck driver in your life? Are you struggling to find them the perfect holiday gift that they will use and appreciate every day on the job? At America Truck Driving School, we know how hard it can be to purchase something that will make your loved one’s face light up – so we’re here to help! We’ve put together a list of items that we’re sure the truck driver in your life will love. Take a look!

    Trucker GPS

    A new GPS device might be just what your trucker needs this winter. Not to be confused with a standard car GPS, a trucker GPS measures not only the speed of travel but the truck height and weight as well. Having access to these metrics at all times is essential for most truck drivers. They can even mean the difference between an accident and a near miss.

    Mini Fridge

    While it’s true that many trucks have built-in refrigerators, some don’t. If that’s the case with your loved one’s truck, a mini-fridge designed especially for trucks is a must-have. The ability to keep food and drinks fresh and cold while on the road will make all the difference. The fridges can plug into any 12-volt socket throughout the truck, and they come in a range of sizes to best suit your trucker’s needs.

    Dash Cam

    Dash cams: they can take hands-free pictures of our beautiful country as your truck driver travels. No more pulling out the smartphone and fiddling with it while driving at 70 mph, which can be a danger to your driver and others on the road. Perhaps more important, however, a dash cam can record your driver’s entire trip, and should any accidents or complaints take place, your driver will have video footage to prove his or her innocence.

    Wireless Headset

    A hands-free headset that syncs with your driver’s smartphone via Bluetooth is a must. Better yet, your driver could benefit from having two! That way, when one headset runs out of charge, your driver can use the backup headset instead of their smartphone while driving.

    Custom Gear

    Just about every truck driver likes to personalize his or her rig. One great way to do this is with a new hood ornament. After all, who knows your trucker’s personality better than you do? And why stop there? From custom shift knobs and steering wheels to custom floor mats, there are many ways you can help your truck driver express themselves through their truck.

    With the holidays just around the corner, the pressure to find the right gift is growing. From dash cams to custom gear, you can’t go wrong with getting your loved one the gift they want this season.

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