9 Ways Truck Drivers Have Fun While On The Road

  • 9 Ways Truck Drivers Have Fun While On The Road

    9 Ways Truck Drivers Have Fun While On The Road

    Long-haul truck drivers can be out on the road for weeks at a time, with hours to kill every day as they cross state lines, crawl through traffic jams, and wait for the crew to finish up at the loading dock. So what are a few ways truck drivers pass the time? Here are nine fun and creative outlets for truck drivers.  

    1. Listen to audiobooks or podcasts.

    These days there’s a podcast for virtually everything. From fishing and baking, to politics, business and self-help, there’s a podcast out there for truckers with all sorts of interests. 

    2. Explore the outdoors.

    Many truck drivers find nature spots near truck stops and go on short hikes. Some even camp out and enjoy a small bonfire. No need to stay cooped up in the truck 24/7.

    3. Create a visual diary.

    There’s more to truck driving than following directions from point A to B. Some truck drivers make their profession an adventure and capture special moments through photography or videos.

    4. Collect mementos.

    In a way, truck drivers are paid travellers who get to see the sights and wonders of America. That’s why many drivers collect mementos as they travel from city to city, whether it’s a keychain, postcard or mug. 

    5. Exercise.

    For those committed to staying in shape, a gym is not a requirement. Many truck drivers find ways to stay active inside and outside of their truck. From doing push-ups on the concrete to using resistance bands and pushing through cardio — where there’s a will, there’s a way.

    6. Take online classes.

    Truck drivers can continue their education without stepping foot in a classroom. Online classes cover a wide range of subjects, from photography and business to technology, helping drivers stay mentally sharp.

    7. Get creative with cooking in the truck.

    Many truck drivers have gotten creative with how and what they cook in their semi-truck. Some practically build a mini kitchen in their truck, equipped with refrigerators, microwaves, stoves and sinks. 

    8. Pursue creative outlets.

    Some truckers become musicians, while others become writers and craftsmen. Living on the road doesn’t keep creative truckers from their creative passions. 

    9. Start a YouTube channel.

    Some truckers take on a mentor role for younger drivers by starting a YouTube channel. They share stories, advice and tips every driver can learn from. 

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